PA Attorney General Takes Note of Lives on the Line

In my “other life” as a documentary photographer / photojournalist I’ve spent close to a year and a half documenting the work of residents across Pennsylvania. Why? They all live on or near the construction of a new pipeline called Mariner East 2. Many people are angered by the disruption the construction has made to their lives. Noise, sub-sonic vibrations, sink holes, spills, contaminated well water, intimidation by security guards and out-of-state pipeline workers. The list goes on. Today, these brave people have reached another milestone in their journey to stop the pipeline as State Attorney General for Pennsylvania, Josh Shapiro opens a criminal investigation.

I’m so proud of everyone involved and wanted to give them all a shout-out by posting some of the images I’ve made on this project. To view more of the project visit:

To view more of the project visit: