I'd like to celebrate this moment with you!


I've been thinking about the amazing work you do and wanted you to know that I am expanding my business to offer video production (in addition to spectacular photography) and this seems like a great moment to share.

When I opened my email on Saturday morning to *this* my heart skipped a beat!

FilmedByBike Announcement Screen Capture - highlighted.jpg

First off, this is not the first film festival to approach me. Last year the film was selected for the Bicycle Film Festival in New York city. But most amazingly, to me, is that out of all the amazing content being produced mine was chosen! What I believe is that my style allows me to blend into the background and let the audience be captivated by the subject and story.

Documentary-Style Video Production  

As if by design, the announcement coincides with an exciting new development as I expand my photographic services to include documentary-style video production - and which is why I'm writing to you today! 

My passion is visual documentary story-telling and I would love to work with you to share your amazing story with the world. That includes environmental portraiture, event photography, and now video production

I know that you have a powerful story to tell, one that is about creative and effective solutions that impact real people.

Video production is an investment in your time and your budget and I would love to sit down for a coffee and talk through your story and how video production can give you and your work a major boost.

You also may know someone who would value the kind of video and photographic services I offer. Pass on this letter and have them mention your name to me for a 10% discount on your next project with me.  

Give me a call at 267-269-1179 or email me at chris@cbephotography.com and let's get started!

Chris Baker Evens

Click the image and watch the PMA Bike Ride video