Non-Profit Campaign

Earth Quaker Action Team’s Power Local Green Jobs Campaign

My Approach:

An organization is rarely defined by one event, service or activity. It takes time to really show up strong, with your voice and vision clearly defined. That’s why documentary photography connects so well with human-oriented organizations. Try pulling off an authentic staged photo session and it will be obvious that this isn’t who you are. I work quietly, mindfully and respectfully acknowledging I am in your space knowing that my presence can affect the tone of your event.

Documentary Video

After 3 years of small changes by PECO, Philadelaphia's electric utility, the Power Local Green Jobs campaign is demanding big change NOW! Ratepayers paid one penny on their electric bill to signal their frustation over PECO's "small change." The action included members from Philadelphians Organized to Witness, Empower & Rebuild (POWER), Earth Quaker Action Team (EQAT) and local Philadelphia residents.

Documentary Photography

About the Organization

Earth Quaker Action Team is a small Quaker non-profit based in Philadelphia committed to racial, economic and environmental justice. Their second campaign is pushing for the city’s local electricity utility, PECO, to switch to rooftop solar energy by using the large rooftop footprint of the city, prioritizing low-income neighborhoods like North Philadelphia. As well as addressing the urgent need to shift the globe from fossil fuels, the campaign centers the economic needs of communities of color that are so often looked over for major infrastructure investments.